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This innovative and ecological project located in La Barra, Punta del Este, is surrounded by 6 hectares of forest. Alfonso and Sara, its owners, have been building and living in a sustainable way for more than 15 years. Their dream was to have a high-quality Ecological Tourism project to be able to share with their guests the way of living in a unique experience in the forest.

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The tree houses are located three meters above the ground, which allows a panoramic view of the heights.
That is why we focus on providing our service to adults who enjoy their stay with furniture and fabrics made from 100% high-quality natural materials.





Your stay includes a full breakfast made with love by Sara

No Wifi


Part of this experience is connecting with ourselves, disconnecting from the networks

Forest bath

Enjoy a unique opportunity to contemplate nature in our 6 ht of forest

Room service


Your stay includes room service. Being an EcoLodge we suggest reusing the sheets and towels to save water

Surf lessons

Every day of your stay you will go surfing with Foncho who is known surf teacher from La Barra


A day of roatrip where we look for the waves to the Laguna de Rocha. Food is included with prior reservation

Room service


We are located in the best place for cycling, you can pick the rural area, where you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes, flora and fauna ... Or pedal to any of the nearby beaches (all 10 minutes from the Ecolodge)





Green roofs

Great natural cold / heat insulators that allow them to be eco-efficient cabins

Grey waters

The water we use in this cabin goes through a filtering process and is returned to nature

Rainwater collection

Water is a valuable asset, for this reason, every time it rains we save it to be able to reuse when necessary


Ecology is part of our lifestyle. We recycle, reuse and reduce everything we consume

Solar panels

We use solar panels to supply us with light

Bird watching

We are lucky to see birds of Uruguay in their native landscape from the balcony of the cabins

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"Beautiful stay!"



Camino de la Aguada,
La Barra, Maldonado, Uruguay